New Sounds 2019 Presentation

I gave a presentation at New Sounds 2019 at Waseda University on Saturday 31st August. The title was How Should We Approach Teaching to Facilitate Phoneme Acquisition in English as a Foreign Language? Here are the slides I used. I hope you find them useful.

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How can we assess whether learners have generally acquired phonology?

I said, ideally we would run a test to see what phonemes can be perceived. Where this is not possible we have to talk to our learners and see whether they understand what we say. This is particularly important for connected speech. An observation in Bonk (2000) was that his learners knew all the CVC words in his list but had problems perceiving them in a stream of connected speech.

How can we avoid orthography?

It is difficult. It requires teacher autonomy, knowledgeable and willing administrators.


Bonk, W. (2000) Second Language Lexical Knowledge and Listening Comprehension, International Journal of Listening, 14(1) pp. 14-31. DOI: 10.1080/10904018.2000.10499033

References to the presentation are in the slide deck PDF.

There is a preprint to come. It will be linked here when it is moderated at PsyArxiv