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JALT Listening SIG logo

Last year, JALT Listening SIG got off the ground. It was during the time that I had let my JALT membership lapse. Perhaps if I had known about the forming SIG sooner, perhaps I would have been less likely to have let my membership lapse. However, I renewed this April and joined the nascent SIG.

Anyway, the coordinator of the SIG, Naheen Madarbakus has done a great job of organizing so much. I got in touch earlier in the year to see if there was anything I could do to help. There was; I am now the SIG’s Publications Chair.

It also gives me a chance to put into practice some good ideas. I am sure that not all JALT members have access to a wide range of journals so the SIG’s website and podcast will have Research Bites, inspired by the original ELT Research Bites.

The journal, The Listening Post, is due to have its first issue in June 2022, and it would be great to have a wide range of submissions to our general call for papers.