New article: The linguistic landscape of restaurant menus

I wrote an article with some of my students based on work we do in the first semester of their first year on linguistic landscapes. This work is to get students thinking about language and its use in context and the cultural variables that interact with the linguistic items to create meaning. It’s actually more interesting than it sounds, for me anyway.

This work was conducted under semi-quarantine so the information was gathered from the internet. However, I still think it stands well as a way for students to get used to research projects, and to think about how and what the language means and what message it is used to send and to which audiences (and which audiences is it looking to exclude).

Anyway, this is a departmental bulletin paper and it is not peer reviewed, but I still think it is pretty good stuff, even if it isn’t part of my research specialisms.

Kasamura, I., Liu, J., Nishimura, T., & Jones, M. (2024). The linguistic landscape of restaurant menus. Journal of Regional Development Studies, 27, 189-199.